The First McDonald’s Opened In Moscow 27 Years Ago From Today

Even though McDonald’s first opened its doors in 1955, it wasn’t until January 31, 1990, that the Soviet Union got their first taste of the golden arches. When the doors opened at dawn there were people lined up around the block at the Moscow location to get their hands on popular items like the Big Mac, and of course their famous fries. The response was somewhat unexpected considering for most people at the time, the cost of a single meal was the equivalent of several days worth of wages.

Photo: mashable

According to reporters on the scene, most people were amazed at the “simple sight of polite shop workers…in this nation of commercial boorishness.” The average Russian customer that visited the restaurant wasn’t looking to make a political statement. Instead, they just wanted to enjoy a small pleasure to break away from the constant internal political turmoil and disastrous economic problems that plagued the country in recent years. McDonald’s arrival in the Soviet Union was a sign of the change that was coming. Less than two years later the Soviet Union ceased to exist as a nation.