The Rampage Of Serial Killer Ted Bundy

Photo: nbcnewyork

The exact date and location of the location that Ted Bundy began his murderous rampage is somewhat up for debate. Some reports indicate that America’s most famous serial killer started as early as 1961 when he was just 14 years old. However, the first documented homicides weren’t until February 1, 1974, when he attacked and abducted Lynda Ann Healy in her basement room. Healy was an undergrad student at the University of Washington who worked as a morning weather girl for a radio broadcast. She has never seen again.

Less than a month prior, Bundy attacked 18-year-old dance student at UW, Karen Sparks, in her basement apartment as she lay sleeping. According to reports, he used a metal rod from her bed to do unspeakable acts that caused extensive injuries to both her physical and mental being. Fortunately, Sparks survived the horrific event with her life but remained unconscious for ten days and was left with permanent disabilities.

Over the next four years, Bundy was caught and arrested twice for murder but somehow managed to escape and evade law enforcement officials. He was finally caught driving a stolen Volkswagen near Jacksonville, Florida, in early 1978 where he was convicted and sentenced to the death penalty. Being that he was a former law student, he opted to defend himself. After filing unsuccessful appeals for the next ten years to avoid the electric chair, Bundy eventually confessed to as many as 36 murders he’d committed across the country. A large group of thousands of people showed up outside of the Florida State Prison on January 24, 1989, to cheer and celebrate the day he was executed.

Photo: newyorker