Historic Star Wars Facts To Sound Smart On May The 4th

The most unofficial holiday next to 420, has to be May the 4th.

In case you’re actually cool or you’d rank as a zero on the geek scale, the expression “May the force be with you,” hails from the Star Wars movies.

It’s the expression spoken by Jedis and fans of Jedis, referring to a cosmic force of energy which flows through all things.

The annual date of May the 4th, spoken aloud, sounds like a lispy version of the first half of this phrase.

As if there weren’t enough occasions to cosplay the Star Wars universe, May the 4th is yet another date where fanboys and gals can don homemade costumes of their favorite characters without judgment.

Kidding… We can judge the heck out of them. Or, you could join em. After all, why should Halloween get all the fun?

If you’re gonna go full force, memorize these historical facts about the movies. In case you think this isn’t history, try on this fun fact:

The release date of the first movie is closer in time to World War II than it is to today’s date. Mind blown right now, right?

Alec Guinness (Obi-Wan) Didn’t Respect The Story

Going into it, Guinness had a reputation as a credible actor, with over 70 theater productions and 50 films under his belt by the end of his life.

The man was so respected, he’d been officially knighted. Make that sir Alec Guinness, thank you very much.

It was this very credibility the film needed to earn the respect George Lucas wanted. He got it, but Lucas couldn’t make Guinness respect the story.

It was “fairy-tale rubbish,” said Guinness of the script. That didn’t stop him from negotiating a contract that earned him over $95-million from that rubbish.

Some Sets Still Stand In Tunisia

While most Tunisians haven’t seen the movie, let alone heard of Star Wars, they also wouldn’t pass on the chance to use a good building.

Many of the structures built for the Tatooine sets still stand in Tunisia. There’s nothing special about them, not unless you’re a fan. You can walk right up to them in most cases.

Yoda Doesn’t Belong Anywhere

While fans have spun many theories about the origins of Yoda, the official canon does not define his species.

Although Frank Oz and Jim Henson were part of the creations of the character, he’s not considered a muppet either.

At one time, his character was almost played by a monkey carrying a cane, which would have only confused the issue.

Some believe the folks at Disney will feed us some kind of origin story in time. Hold breath starting now.

“I have a bad feeling about this.”

When you first read that line, there’s a familiarity. It’s more than the cliche, but something connected to a line in the Star Wars franchise.

You’re right. It’s in there, in every movie.

As if a cue to the audience that something exciting is about to happen, various characters announce, “I have a bad feeling about this.”

Then, boom.

The Cast Suffered Interpersonal Conflicts

For starters, George Lucas couldn’t stand the guy who played Darth Vader.

No, not James Earl Jones. He was only the voice. David Prowse is the guy in the suit.

Lucas found him so annoying, he banned him from events in recent years. In fact, Lucas disliked him so much when Vadar’s mask finally came off in “Return of the Jedi,” it’s not Prowse’s face underneath it all.

It didn’t end there. The actors who played the famous droids, C-3P0 and R2-D2, were never friends in real life. In fact, Anthony Daniels and Kenny Baker hated each other.

Master the above information and you may pass for a real fan by this Thursday.

That excuses you to dress as Darth Vader for work. Do it. Everyone else will be dressed up. You don’t want to be the only one not dressed up.