The Beatles Final Live Performance On A Rooftop In London

Photo: vintage

It was forty years ago today that the Fab Four – Paul McCartney, George Harrison, Ringo Starr, and John Lennon – played a live performance for the last time. The legendary rock group had not played together since they stopped touring in 1965. The 42-minute set included nine takes of five songs, of which included hits like I’ve Got a Feeling, Don’t Let Me Down, and Get Back.

The impromptu concert took place in London atop the Apple Corps headquarters, a multimedia corporation started by the members of the Beatles in 1968. It probably would’ve gone on much longer if the Metropolitan Police didn’t step in and require them to reduce the volume, and eventually stop the concert altogether. The Beatles were shooting a documentary that was originally titled “Get Back” but was later changed to “Let It Be”. Footage from the rooftop concert was used as the ending of the film and even though the group would release one more album together, “Abbey Road,” this was the last time they would play a live performance on the same stage as a group. The “Let It Be” documentary was released in theaters in 1970 and briefly on home video in the early ’80s. However, since then it’s been unavailable and although there has been some talk of a digitally remastered version someday hitting stores, that has yet to be seen.